Game Development and Design!

July 14, 2015 Pure and Modern Designs has expanded into Game Development and Design! "With this expansion Pure and Modern Designs has gained a new purpose and a new vision for itself."

Follow Pfraxus' Development

Follow the development of Pfraxus through the development blog! We will be posting information about the game, lore, and dev!

Who are we?

Founded in 2010, Pure and Modern Designs is a graphic and web design company as well as a game development and design company. Pure and Modern Designs' mission is to provide affordable and quality graphic and web services to its clients. With our expansion in to game design, Pure and Modern Designs Games (PMDG), we've created an additional mission. To provide a unique, quality, gaming experience for players. Read more about who we are on our About Us page!

Pfraxus Development Blog


Pfraxus Concept Map Released

Today PMD released the concept map for Pfraxus. It includes some history, a storyline, and further clarification on specific elements of the game! PfraxusMindMap

Pfraxus Launches Kickstarter Funding Page

Continuing to find financial backing for our game is paramount! Find us on Kickstarter!

Pfraxus launches IndieGoGo Funding Campaign

Support Pfraxus in our endeavors by donating on our IndieGoGo page!!

Pfraxus Alpha 0.01 Published

Access to Pfraxus Development Builds are limited to Patreon Supporters. Check our our Patreon Page for more info! Check out the Development Notes: PfraxusAlpha0_01DevNotes A running history of the Development Notes will be located HERE.

Pfraxus Patreon Page Launched

Pfraxus is well underway to release its first Alpha version but it will only be available to supporters on Patreon! Support us with a monthly donation and be there as we release more and more of Pfraxus! Pfraxus Patreon Page

Pfraxus Logo Design Released

Hi everyone! We are happy to finally put a logo to the face of our project. There still may be some fine tuning and editing done down the road but the foundation and base of our logo is complete!

What does Pure and Modern Designs do?

Pure and Modern Designs (PMD) currently serves existing clients in their graphic and web design needs. PMD is not currently taking on any new clients at this time.

How is Pure and Modern Designs Games different?

In many ways Pure and Modern Designs Games (PMDG) is not different from Pure and Modern Designs (PMD). The company is still the same. PMDG simply represents a different department of our company that is now focusing on a specialized branch of design known as game development and design.
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